TROY — The Midwest Cover Crops Council recently reformatted its popular field guide as an app for smartphones and tablets. The Midwest Cover Crop Field Scout app lets farmers, crop advisers and conservation professionals access vital cover crop information from mobile devices.

COLUMBIA — Extension agronomist talk was calm on the weekly teleconference. Few problems were discussed on bugs, weeds, fungus or other pests. Then the weather hit the fan. Reports from across Missouri told of farmers’ concerns about lack of rain.

COLUMBIA — Drones are higher in quality and lower in price than they were just a few years ago when farmers began using them, says University of Missouri Extension natural resources engineer Kent Shannon.

ST. LOUIS—When it comes to soybean quality, the U.S. soy industry wants to be sure that its customers are armed with the right information. The U.S. Soy Family, which includes the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC), American Soybean Association (ASA), and United Soybean Board (USB), promote…

 ST. LOUIS - Lewis Bainbridge, a soybean farmer from South Dakota, was elected chair of the United Soybean Board (USB). Bainbridge, a third-generation farmer, previously served the board as USB vice chair. 

David Steinbecker Jr. of Perryville is winner of the prestigious 2017 National Beef Stocker Award, sponsored by BEEF magazine and Zoetis. The award recognizes excellence and innovation in the stocker sector of the beef cattle industry. 

JEFFERSON CITY– The understanding and practice of cover cropping is growing.  More farmers are planting cover crops in coordination with their cash crops to prevent wind and water erosion, reduce the soils’ nutrient loss and leaching, and improve soil health and quality.  Ask a family farmer…

COLUMBIA, Mo. – A day of talks on issues Missourians need in the next farm bill from the U.S. Congress will be Oct. 18 at the University of Missouri.

Todd and Cindy Lohmann and family of Perryville were among the families honored during the 59th annual Missouri Farm Family Day, Aug. 14 at the Missouri State Fair.

DECATUR, Ill. — This fall when Goodyear introduces its Assurance WeatherReady tires for passenger vehicles, soybean farmers may want to pay attention to their newest customer. 

BIEHLE — Buchheit Agriculture held an open house last week as an opportunity for area farmers to get a closer look at the facility’s full-service feed mill, seed cleaning operation, fertilizer blending facility and grain elevator. 

The county fair has been an iconic staple for country families across multiple generations throughout the country, and Perry County is no exception. The East Perry Fair has seen its fair share, no pun intended, of multi-generational families pass over the fairgrounds each September. But spec…

Perry County 4-H held its annual 4-H Fair the last week of July, and county 4-H club members exhibited a total of 649 items and animals at this year’s fair.  

COLUMBIA — Visitors to the Missouri State Fair on Saturday, Aug. 12, can get a free active carbon test of their soil. It gives insight into overall soil health.

PURDY — Twenty years ago, Charles Fletcher of Edgewood Dairy and Creamery attended a University of Missouri Extension grazing school. It would change the future of the family dairy operation.

For many families in the area, farming is not only a job, but a way of life, and has been for many generations. So the return of the annual Old Timers Day weekend celebration was one to be enjoyed by any age or generation. 

Although the first Old Timer’s Day was held in 1976, this Saturday and Sunday will mark the 40th annual event. For those who are counting, a 40th anniversary in 41 years doesn’t quite make sense—however, last year’s rain check on the event has simply built anticipation. The Seminary Picnic G…

For all the gardening questions and conversations we have had over all the years,  one comment often stands out.  “I can’t garden even if I’d like to because my home and garden and area is in the shade.”   

COLUMBIA — Rainbow-colored irises, commonly found in Missouri fence rows, ditches and yards, are anything but common, said University of Missouri Extension horticulturist David Trinklein. A flower of contrasts, an iris is hard to kill yet maintains an intricate and delicate beauty.

Praise the Lord & pass the ’maters,  cause summer is almost here and there is no one among us who doesn’t enjoy ripe, red tomatoes in the good old summertime.  

When most people think about accolades to Perry County, they think about the massive amount of caves that are located here. But Perry County is home to more than just underground wonders; it is home to three of the Missouri state champion trees, two of which are located on one family’s farm.

Just south of Biehle anyone with a sweet tooth and a little extra time can stop by and pick strawberries to their heart’s content. Robert Herschbach and his family care for their large garden where they grow fresh produce for the community called R & B Produce. In the spring, Herschbach …

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