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Odds are high that everyone has suffered at one point from stiffness, joint pains, swelling or sore muscles. In today’s society there is a pill to take for just about every one of those body issues, but what about a natural remedy? Perryville will soon have access to a new product that is said to treat each of those ailments, and more. Harold’s Famous Bee Cream is a locally produced apitherapy cream and is now available for purchase at Stonie’s Sausage Shop. 

Apitherapy is described as the use of medicinal products that are created by the Honeybee. Therapies involving the honeybee have existed for thousands of years, and have been used in ancient societies all the way from Egypt to Greece and China. But apitherapy is sometimes only associated with Bee Sting Therapy, or the use of bee venom for healing, but really includes all of the bee hive products. These items can include venom, honey, pollen, royal jelly and beeswax and can be combined with other ingredients such as essential oils for other natural remedies.

Today there is growing scientific evidence suggesting the various bee products promote healing by improving body functions such as circulation, stimulating a healthy immune response and decreasing inflammation. Here is where Harolds Famous Bee Cream came into creation.

Harold Gallaher is a co-owner of the company that produces the bee venom products. He came up with the resulting product after becoming a beekeeper and a cancer patient. 

Gallaher and his wife were involved in a motorcycle accident, and while being treated for his injuries in the emergency room it was discovered that he had cancer. Soon he began chemotherapy treatment and soon started to experience side effects of the drug. During this time Gallaher was given a hive of bees as a payment for a debt. One day while handling the bees Gallaher was stung and noticed an improvement in his nausea and even regained the appetite he had lost during the chemo sessions. “The days I was on chemo I was down, I was sick, throwing up and lethargic,” Gallaher said. I am a Christian and prayed about it. God told me to sting myself once a day and since I was a beekeeper I knew about apitherapy. No one had ever connected it with nausea… It had only been connected to pain. I started doing it everyday and it brought me out of it. I was able to eat and I was probably the only cancer patient that had to worry about weight gain.”

Gallaher then met Amanda Hutchings, a successful specialist in the pharmaceutical industry. With her help Gallaher developed a cream that could be applied to the skin and offer the positive effects of the bee venom without the sting and death of the bees.

“Besides helping with the nausea, we also saw that it had other benefits, especially joint pain,” Hutchings said. “The people we gave samples to would share it with their friends and family, so people kept begging for more samples. We knew we had something special at that time.”

The team went on to describe the many improvements that have been reported by hundreds of testers who have used the cream during trials. “We had a woman who was using it for plantar fasciitis pain,” Gallaher said. “Besides the pain going away, so did her hot flashes.” He said that Hutchings had a personal incident where she was burned by a bowl of soup and decided to put the cream on the burn on the way to the hospital. She reported that in a few minutes the pain was gone.

The company continues to expand research on the use of the products they create. Gallaher is adamant that they continue to use methods to extract the bee venom without killing the bees. They plan to launch multiple products generated from the original formula over the next year.

Gallaher and Hutchings are located in the Farmington area but are working on an expansion to Ste. Genevieve. “We are in the process of opening up a research and development lab and manufacturing facility in Ste. Genevieve,” Hutching’s said. “We will be trying to bring our business locally.”

For more information and locations that carry the Harold’s Famous Bee Cream line of products please visit their website at Their distribution center, located at 1027 Sainte Genevieve Ave. in Farmington, is open to the public every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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