Perryville Police Department

The Perryville Police Department is investigating a possible attempted child abduction.

According to a statement from police department spokesman Cpl. Jeri Cain, the incident occurred on Tuesday, Nov. 5, and was reported to police Wednesday night, when the parents brought the 11-year-old child to the station.

According to her statement, she was approached by a man in a silver car on her way to school and got in the car after he claimed to know a relative. A short time later, she fled the vehicle after the man made statements that made her uncomfortable.

“It’s important for parents to talk to their children about stranger danger at any age," Cain said. "Have a password between you that is only given out if someone else is to pick up your child. Explain to them if the person offering a ride doesn’t know the password, they don’t go.” 

According to Cain's statement, the child had been walking to school Tuesday morning with a sibling, but the sibling left to return home for a forgotten item.

According to the child's statement, she was approached by a white male, described as 30-40 years old, approximately 6 feet tall, balding on top with short brownish gray hair on the sides in a buzz cut, and unshaven with facial hair of a similar color. He was further described as missing upper teeth and having a tattoo on his left hand and inner left wrist.

The student said the suspect approached her after her sibling left and asked if she needed a ride. The child reported that the man said he knew her aunt, and that she got into the vehicle with the suspect.

As he drove toward the school, she told police she became uncomfortable with the comments the man made to her, and when the vehicle stopped at a stop sign, she unlocked her door and fled the vehicle.

“If your child walks to and from school, know their route," Cain said. "Walk it with them and find someone you may know along the route that could be a safe haven for them in the event of someone approaching them. Never get within arm’s reach of someone in a vehicle that has approached them.” 

According to Cain's statement, the suspect and vehicle description in this incident match an incident reported to city police on Oct. 24. In that incident, the male approached a female student on her way home from school in a silver car and attempted to engage her in conversation. The female was uncomfortable and fled on foot back to school.

The police department is requesting anyone with information regarding either of these incidents, please contact officer Blake Wright or Det. Jordan Bain at 573-547-4546.

“As always, we encourage ‘see something, say something.’ Contact the police department immediately if your child has been approached by a stranger. The sooner we have officers in the area, the better chance of locating a suspect.”

In the meantime, Cain said the police department will be expanding patrols near school zones in an effort to ensure student safety as well as working with the local schools to raise awareness of "stranger danger."

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