My husband thinks our cat is dying. Or is close to death or is succumbing to old age.

Veterans Day has always been special to me. Not because I served, but because of those around me who did.

Your resume (or curriculum vitae, if you speak Latin) can be like a key that unlocks the door to an interview for your dream job. 

When my kids were very young, each of them had a favorite movie that we viewed over and over (and over). 

Even after nearly 30 years in the newspaper business, sometimes things still catch me off guard.

As a kid, I took Halloween seriously. I mean, heck, there was only one day out of the whole year where candy was free and Halloween was it. 

If you’ve ever spilled your brandy on your tux near the grand piano at the rhino zoo, you know what I’m talking about. 

If you drive an hour from my house, you can get to an Indiana city named Gas City. If you drive into town, you’ll reach the City of Gas City City Hall. Did they have to do this to themselves? I like to think that the person who decided on this name did it in an attempt to be saucy. Yet, toda…

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