Lunchtime at Perry County School District 32 will be a little bit different next year. This change does not take the form of an added appliance or a new seating arrangement or set of rules. Instead, it will be marked by the absence of a familiar face. After over 30 years of service at PCSD 32, Food Service Director Angie Gotto retired at the end of the school year.

“This is my 33rd year,” Gotto said. “For the last 16, I’ve been the director. The first year, I subbed, and from then I’ve been full-time. My supervisor, Becky Schnurbusch, was director when I started, and when she retired, I took over.”

To show their appreciation for Gotto’s dedication over the years, some members of the PCSD 32 staff came together and held a retirement party for her on May 16 in the Perryville High School Cafe. The party consisted of cake and other refreshments along with family and friends dropping by to wish her well. Gotto spent most of the time walking around to hug and talk to everyone.

Gotto laughed and shared memories about some of the kids she had seen walk through the lunch line over the years.

“I’ve seen a lot of kiddos come through,” Gotto said.

While Gotto knew about the party, some of these kiddos had a surprise waiting. Gotto was reported to have always jokingly said that she wanted the marching band to play just for her on her last day. Shortly after the party started, the PHS marching band made its way into the cafeteria, lined up along the walls and played a song for Gotto. The gesture moved Gotto to tears as she stood with her husband, Daniel, in the middle of the cafeteria and listened.

After the band finished, Gotto went back to visiting with her family and friends. She said that she hopes to have more time to spend with them now. Although she is retiring, Gotto said that she plans to stay busy.

When asked what her retirement plans are, she said, “Visits with my family, traveling, and I like to paint.”

While Gotto’s time at PCSD 32 has drawn to a close, she expressed her gratitude to the school and the community for allowing her to have this career opportunity.

“It’s been a good ride,” Gotto said. “I appreciate everybody entrusting their children with me for all of these years to make sure they got fed.”

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