Perry County 4-H members showcased their work and what they have learned and accomplished this past year at the annual Perry County 4-H Fair held this past week.  Champion purple ribbon winners were selected for the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, Mo.  County 4-H members exhibited a total of 673 items and animals at this year’s fair, which is a 7 percent increase over last year.   

This number includes the exhibits on display inside the Legion Hall on Wednesday July 31, the small animals outside as well as the animals exhibited at the 4-H Fair Cattle Show on Saturday, July 27 in Altenburg and at the 4-H Fair Horse Show on Sunday, July 28 at the Hope Center in Perryville.  

Through the exhibits, 4-H members demonstrate the knowledge, skills and work ethic they have gained for the specific project, or interest area they explored.

     Youth exhibited items representing a wide variety 40 project areas.  They were judged and then placed on display.   Over 1100 4-H supporters, family members, leaders and 4-H’ers participated in the Perry County 4-H Fair and Chicken Dinner.   4-H members served 991 people at the delicious “legion” chicken dinner held during the event as a fundraiser to pay the 4-H Fair expenses and premium money to members.  

In the past 25 years, this is the third highest number of people served at the chicken fry and is more than last year.  4-H families provided desserts and other food items.    For over 40 years, the American Legion Post #133 has sponsored this sizable event as a youth project for their organization.  ALL proceeds from the Chicken Dinner are paid back to the 4-H members for the ribbons earned at the fair on their project work.

John Grantham, Teen Council President, served is Master of Ceremonies for the 4-H Fair Style Show, as 4-H members took “center stage”.  The sewing and knitting 4-H project members who modeled what they made were:  Gretchen Asselmeier with a blue dress, Jenna Unterreiner in a light blue dress, Heidi Asselmeier in a grey dress, Monica Sauer with a Harry Potter knitted scarf and Isabella Asselmeier with her draw-string bag.

The coveted “Friend of 4-H” award was presented by Natalie Fritsche-Kasten, Perry County 4-H Council President,  to MFA Agri Services-Perryville, Brian Meyer, Manager.  Absolute Archery Center & Range in Perryville also received the award.  The “Friend of 4-H” is presented annually in recognition of support provided to Perry County 4-H by an individual, business or organization.     

4-H entrepreneurs had an opportunity to market their products, practice their entrepreneur skills and make money doing it at the Show-Me 4-H Wares event held during the 4-H Fair Chicken Dinner for the 12th year.  Eli Lowes from Country & Camo 4-H Club sold his local “Lowes Farm Pure & Natural Honey” and Mylee Geringer of Cowboys & Angels 4-H Club marketed her “MJG9 Slime & Bracelets”.  

Special “Best of Show” Handmade Green & White Rosette 4-H ribbons were awarded to exhibits judged as “Overall Champions”.  These projects demonstrate outstanding quality work and effort relative to standards.  

Only the following 14 projects were selected for this top honor from various areas of 4-H project work:  Madeline Gremaud, Friendly Valley 4-H Club,-“Flower Dress” in Sewing;  Katelyn Burns, Farrar Hawthorne 4-H Club-“Butterfly Mobile” in Crochet; Joseph Haley, Farrar 4-H Club-“Boot Jack” in Woodwork; Makayla Burns, Farrar 4-H Club-“Quilled Elephant” in Arts & Crafts; Eli Lowes, Country ‘n Camo 4-H Club-“Bee Hive” in Beekeeping; Jasmine Muench, Mighty Mustangs 4-H Club-“Electricity Notebook” in Electricity; Abigail Haley, Farrar 4-H Club – “Cupcakes” in Cake Decorating; Eli Lowes, Country ‘n Camo 4-H Club-“Muzzleload Turtle Bag” in Muzzleloading; Mylee Geringer, Cowboys and Angels 4-H Club-“Lucas” in Photography; Jenna Rayfield, Country ‘n Camo 4-H Club -“A Star is Born” in Veterinary Science;  Allyson Burns, Farrar 4-H Club -“Sliced Carrots” in Food Preservation; Rosa Lowes, Country ‘n Camo-“Leaf Plate” in Arts & Crafts;  Violet Miesner, Farrar 4-H Club, “Pillowcase” in Exploring 4-H;  Abigail Haley, Farrar 4-H Club – “Christmas Truck” in Arts & Crafts.


-Agronomy-Field Crops:  Champions: 3 to Bryce Schmidt; Clayton Lohmann, Lucas Fritsche.

-Animals (Educational Displays): Champion Purple Ribbons: Beef-Lucas Fritsche; Bucket Calf-Merrick Zahner; Dogs-Autumn Petzoldt; Horseless Horse/Horse Knowledge-Kylee Lukefahr and Anna Gremaud;   Rabbits-Joseph Haley. 

-Beekeeping Champions – Landon Zahner and Eli Lowes.

-Arts & Crafts: Champion Purple Ribbon Winners:  Lelou Barks, Allyson Doran, Dalton Lohmann, Trenton Mock, Daniel Sauer; Lucas Fritsche, Caroline Gremaud, Abigail Haley, Kelty Lohmann, Eli Lowes, Kallie Whiteside, Katelyn Burns, Makayla Burns, Anna Lowes, Claire Melchior, Gabe Ruehling. 

-Arts–Drawing, Fiber Arts & Sculpture: Champions to Faith Buchheit, Allyson Doran, 3 to Rosa Lowes.

-Arts-Painting, Printing & Graphics Design: Champion to Leah Grantham.

-Scrapbooking:  Champion to Ella Morrison

-Cake Decorating: Champions were: Violet Miesner and Abigail Haley

-Citizenship-Public Adventures Champion Purple:  Lucas Fritsche

-Creative Crochet:  Champion Purple Ribbon Winners: Allyson Doran, 2 to Faith Buchheit, 2 to Katelyn Burns, 2 to Anna Gremaud.

-Electricity: Champions to Kallie Whiteside and Jasmine Muench

-Exploring 4-H: Champions to Hailey Geringer, Violet Miesner, 2 to Jadyn Muench, Autumn Petzoldt, 2 to Merrick Zahner

-Foods/Nutrition-Cooking/Breads/Foods Preservation: Champion Purple Ribbons: Elliot Wibbbenmeyer, Jenna Unterreiner, Anna Lowes, 2 to Abigail Haley, Allyson Burns

-Home Environment: Champion Purple Ribbon Winners: Anna Lowes, Makayla Burns

-Horticulture-Flowers- Champions Lauren Hacker, Makayla Burns

-Horticulture-Gardening- Champions Clayton Lohmann, Landon Zahner

Knitting – Champion Gretchen Asselmeier

-Photography: Champion State Purple Ribbons: Allyson Burns, 2 to Faith Buchheit, Katelyn Burns, John Grantham, Mylee Geringer, Abigail Haley, Anna Abbott.   Other Champion Purple to Gabe Ruehling.   

-Quilting: Champion Purple to Anna Lowes

-Sewing: Champion Purple Winners: Adiel Melchior, Madeline Gremaud, Heidi Asselmeier and 2 to Gretchen Asselmeier

-Shooting Sports: Champion Purple Ribbons: Archery-John Grantham; Air & Pellet Rifle-Faith Buchheit, Small Bore Rifle-2 to Eli Lowes; Air Pistol-Rosa Lowes, Eli Lowes, Anna Lowes;  Smallbore Pistol-2 to Anna Lowes; Muzzleloading-Eli Lowes, Anna Lowes

-Veterinary Science: Champion Purple Ribbon to Jenna Rayfield

-Welding: Champion Purple Ribbon Winner Eli Lowes

-Woodworking: Champion Purple Ribbon Winners: Joseph Haley and Jimmy

            4-H Clover Kids is a non-competitive 4-H program for ages 5-7.  Items exhibited are not judged but all earn a ribbon based on years of participation. 

-In the NEW Clover Kids Small Animal Show Kinsley Lohmann, Farrar 4-H Clover Kids showed “Barney”, Sydney Moran, Farrar 4-H, talked about “Oreo Cookie Rabbit” and Engel Lohmann, Farrar 4-H showed her rabbit. 

Clover Kids Members Exhibiting inside the building were:

-Farrar 4-H Clover Kids Club: 1st Year- Dresden Donze 3 items; Henry Geringer 2 items; Engel Lohmann 3 items; Henry Lohmann 3 items; Sydney Moran 2 items;   2nd Year-Kinsley Lohmann 3 items,  3rd Year-Jessica Koenig 3 items,

-Sereno 4-H Clover Kids Club: 1st Year Alice Barks 3 items, 2nd Year Calie Cattoor 3 items 

-Arts & Crafts and Pottery 4-H SPIN Clubs’ Clover Kids: 1st Year Ivy Rose Baker 3 items; 2nd Year Mackenzie Southard 3 items.

-Vanguard 4-H Club Clover Kids:  1st Year Wyatt Blechle 3 items; Torin Zahner 3 items

Live Animals:

Dogs:   Champion Dog and Obedience Champion: Mylee Geringer


Goats:  Champions: Bryce Schmidt (Boer)

                              Grady Ruehling (Pygmy)

                              Mylee Geringer (Dairy goat)

Rabbits: Senior Doe Champion – Kelty Lohmann

             Senior Buck Champion – Mylee Geringer

             Junior Doe Champion – Caroline Gremaud


Poultry: Hen Champion – Heidi Asselmeier

             Hen Reserve Champion – Autumn Petzoldt

             Cockerel Champion – Austin Petzoldt

             Pullet & Drake Duck Champion – Autumn Petzoldt


Sheep: Ewe Champion – Autumn Petzoldt

            Ewe Reserve Champion – Austin Petzoldt


Swine: Champion Barrow – Gavin Ruehling

Pets:  Champion – Mylee Geringer - Guinea Pig


Poultry – 8 to 10 yrs: Gavin Ruehling

               11 to 13 yrs: Gradon Ruehling

Rabbits – 8 to 10 yrs: Mylee Geringer

               11 to 13 yrs: Kelty Lohmann

Sheep – 8 to 10 yrs: Autumn Petzoldt 

            11 to 13 yrs: Austin Petzoldt

Goats – 8 to 10 yrs: Mylee Geringer

            11 to 13 yrs.: Grady Ruehling

Swine – 8 to 10 yrs: Gavin Ruehling

Dogs – 8 to 10 yrs:  Mylee Geringer


Champion Booth – Farrar Hawthorne 4-H Club “Picture Your ‘Selfie’ a Superhero in 4-H”

2nd Place Booth – Friendly Valley 4-H Club “4-H Lights the Way”



Jeanne Morgan

TOP Sellers of Chicken Dinner Tickets

1st Place:  Adie, Claire, Israel & Elise Melchior Family,  Friendly Valley 4-H Club

2nd Place:  Gavin, Gradon & Gabe Ruehling Family, Los Amigos 4-H Club

3rd Place:  Clayton & Dalton Lohmann Family, Farrar 4-H Club



            The Perry County 4-H Fair Cattle Show was held on the East Perry Fair Grounds in Altenburg on 

Saturday, July 27 for members exhibiting Bucket Calves, beef and dairy animals. They had a nice cooler,

summer day to show their animals.   All exhibitors received  t-shirts sponsored by Peoples Bank.  The

4-H Fair Cattle Show judge was Christopher Hudson.

Bucket Calf:     Champion: Emmalynn Koenig, Frohna 4-H Club

                        Reserve Champion:  Dalton Lohmann, Farrar 4-H Cllub

Dairy: Holstein Grand Champion Heifer – Ella Morrison, Farrar 4-H Club

            Brown Swiss Grand Champion Heifer – Clayton Lohmann, Farrar 4-H Club

            Ayshire Grand Champion Heifer – Dalton Lohmann, Farrar 4-H Club

            Supreme Dairy Female Champion- Ella Morrison

            Supreme Dairy Female Reserve Champion – Clayton Lohmann

Beef:  Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Heifers:  

                                                Angus –Emmalee Mueller

                                                Charolais-Clara Yokley

                                                Hereford-Emmalee Mueller; Reserve – Phillip Mueller

                                                Limousin-Austin Hunt; Reserve –Ansley Palisch

                                                Shorthorn-Zach Word; Reserve-Zach Word


            Supreme Female Grand Champion:  Austin Hunt, Frohna 4-H Club

            Supreme Female Reserve Grand Champion: Emmalee Mueller, Frohna 4-H Club

            Grand Champion Bulls: Charolais-Clara Yokley

                                                ShorthornPlus-Cory Word; Reserve-Zach Word

            Supreme Champion Bull:                      Clara Yokley, Frohna 4-H

            Supreme Reserve Champion Bull:         Cory Word, Frohna 4-H

            Champion Steer:  Austin Hunt

            Reserve Champion Steer:  Clara Yokley



Bucket Calf: Emmalynn Koenig, Frohna 4-H Club

Dairy – 8 to 10 years old:  Autumn Petzoldt, Farrar 4-H Club

            11 to 13 yrs: Clayton Lohmann, Farrar 4-H Club

Beef –  8 to 10 yrs: Addison Verseman, Farrar 4-H Club

            11 to 13 yrs: Austin Hunt, Frohna 4-H Club

            14 yrs & over: Phillip Mueller, Frohna 4-H Club

Steer Rate of Gain Contest sponsored by Bowman Milling Company

            1st Place – Austin Hunt with 3.78 lbs. of average daily gain

            2nd Place – Clara Yokley with 2.55 lbs. of average gain per day

            3rd Place – Seth Mueller with 2.44 lbs of gain/day.

All cattle 4-H project members received a show survival kit.  A special thanks to the following businesses and individuals who contributed to the 4-H Fair youth cattle show:  Charles Voelker Memorial Fund sponsor of the Dairy Champion Belt Buckle; General Sponsors:  AMR Cattle Co., Burgfeld Club Calves, CCR-Kenny Spooler, Brent Versemann & Kara Haupt;  4HLimousin-Nathan Hunt; Hat Creek Genetics, Hellwege Shorthorns; Holiday Inn Express, Loida Ag Service; MFA Agri Service; Mueller Charolais; Mueller Fencing; Carol A. Word CPA PC; Zach’s Precision Ag;  Thrivent sponsor of the Concession Stand;  East Perry Community Fair Board (facilities & sound system).

            Perry County 4-H members showed their horsemanship skills at the Perry County 4-H Fair Horse Show held at the Hope Center in Perryville on Sunday, July 28.  The show was judged by Carolyn Hardaway on the Danish system with Blue, Red and White ribbons awarded based on individual learning.  Then, Champion 1st and 2nd Place Reserve rosettes were awarded in classes based on comparison to others in the class and/or time.

Halter Showmanship Member age 12 & Under: Champion Camryn Heim; Reserve Mylee Geringer

Halter Showmanship – Member age 13 and Older: Champion Megan Herzog; Reserve Sara Hauberger

Western Pleasure-Walk/Trot/Lope:  Champion Sara Hauberger            Reserve Kylee Lukefahr

Gaited Pleasure Member Age 13 & Older:   Champion Anna Rehagen;  Reserve Phillip Callier

English Equitation Member Age 12 & Under:  Champion Anna Rehagen

Pole Bending Member Age 12 & Under:  Champion Anna Rehagen

Pole Bending Member Age 13 & Older: Champion Amber Brotherton

Barrels Member Age 12 & Under:  Champion Siera Brotherton

Barrels Member Age 13 & Oldre: Champion Amber Brotherton

Modified Flag Age 12 & Under:  Champion Siera Brotherton

Modified Flag Age 13 & Older:  Champion Sara Hauberger; Reserve Megan Herzog

Trail (Obstacle Course) Age 12 & Under:  Champion Anna Abbott;   Reserve Anna Rehagen

Trail (Obstacle Course) Age 13 & Older:  Champion Sara Hauberger;   Reserve Kylee Lukefahr

  According to Dianna Koenig, Perry County University of Missouri Extension 4-H Youth Development Program Associate, “4-H thrives because caring adults get involved to help kids learn, grow and work together in a safe environment.  I would like to thank all those who helped in any way with this year's 4-H Fair and Chicken Dinner.   Enough thanks cannot be given to all the leaders, volunteers and parents who put in so much time and effort by sharing their time and talents with our 4-H members throughout the year.”

4-H is open to ALL youth in both town and rural areas to explore new interests and ideas, meet friends, have fun while learning leadership, citizenship and life skills.   The 4-H program is coordinated through the Perry County University of Missouri Extension Center.  For information about how to participate in year-long 4-H clubs or short-term, focused 4-H SPIN (Special Interest) Clubs, contact Dianna Koenig, 4-H Youth Development Program Associate at 573-547-4504 or 573-513-2899.

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