Catfish is coming



Legion Lake, located at Veterans’ Memorial Park in Perryville, became home to some 900 Channel catfish late last month during annual stocking courtesy of the Missouri Department of Conservation as part of the organization’s Community Assistance Program (CAP).

Perry County Commissioners, who have jurisdiction over the nine-acre lake and smaller one-acre pond owned by the county signed into a 25-year agreement with MDC that guarantees both bodies of water at Veterans’ Memorial Park are part of an annual stocking of fish. Signage has also posted at the lakes to ensure those enjoying the local fishing hotspot would have a clear understanding of the catch limits and length regulations that would be established by the MDC. The program is paid for in a 50/50 split of funds from the county and MDC. 

According to the agreement, county commissioners continue to maintain the grounds around the lakes, while the Missouri Department of Conservation will manage the water, including limited upkeep of the banks of the lake. For a number of years, commissioners have worked diligently with members from the VFW, American Legion and AMVETS to keep the levee at the lake area clear of undergrowth, ensuring the dam stays structurally sound.

Weather permitting, later this month, the MDC will again stock Legion Lake with trout. This will be the fourth year of stocking. Rainbow trout are cold-water fish which live in water temperatures less than 70 degrees.  They do well in local impoundments during the colder months.  

The annual winter trout fishing program begins Nov. 8, marking the opening of Missouri’s winter trout season in lakes around the state.  Anglers can fish for this popular cold-water fish through the fall and winter months on a catch-and-release basis.  

All anglers between the ages 16 and 64 must have a valid Missouri fishing permit. Any anglers harvesting trout must possess a trout permit as well. 

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