School board office torn down

The two-story brick home that has served as the school’s administrative office for 39 years is being demolished.

The Board Of Education Office at Perry County School District 32, located on the corner of College and Edwards Streets, was home to the offices of the superintendent and assistant superintendent, as well as the board secretary and board treasurer.

Those offices have moved across the street to the Old Senior High School, which will serve as the new central office for the district. The offices of the directors of curriculum, special services and communications are also located in the central office, along with the registrar and the district’s human resources manager. The District 32 Central Office is open from 7 am to 4 pm Monday-Friday.

The Board Office building was constructed in 1923 as a family home. The District purchased it in 1980 along with the 1.45 acres on which it sat.  It was renovated by the building trades class, and the home economics students were in charge of the interior design.

“The building has structural issues that have become more concerning in the last couple of years, which isn’t surprising for a 96-year-old home,” said Superintendent Andy Comstock. “It hasn’t fared as well as our beautiful Old Senior High School, which is 80 years old but is both very sound and beautiful. We feel fortunate that we’re going to be working in such a historic building with so many fond memories for our community.”

The site of the board office will provide much-needed parking for students and after-school events at the high school.

“One of the priorities identified by our Long Range Facilities Committee was the need for additional parking on campus,” Mr. Comstock said. “This will give us about 40 more parking spots on the north side of campus, where it is desperately needed. We’ve also addressed that problem at the elementary and middle schools with additional parking areas, and the new primary center will have dedicated parking spaces for visitors and staff.”

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