Four area residents will bring a bicycle race to Perryville for the first time Saturday. 

Christy Presnell, Brenda Amschler, Judy Ernst and Kathy Winkler, along with the Popeye Pedalers will host the first ever Pedal the Cause event on Saturday. 

The bike event will start at 9 a.m. Saturday and features courses of differing lengths. 

The shortest is 5 miles, then 9 miles, with the longest being 20 miles. The cost for the event is $35 for adults, and $20 for ages 14 and under. 

All proceeds will go to Siteman Cancer Center and Siteman Kids at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Presnell explained that she and her friends all work with Chester Memorial Hospital and attend the Pedal the Cause event each year in Chesterfield that s comprised of hundreds of bikers. Presnell wanted to bring a similar event closer to Perryville.

“We figured that we would make a smaller version of the bigger race,” Presnell said. We told the city that we are hoping to make this an annual event.”

The route will begin and end at Mary Jane Burgers and Brew in downtown Perryville and will loop in the Perryville Park, The Bank of Missouri Soccer Park, and the TG-Missouri 5K Path.

Presnell warned that bikers will be riding on city streets to get to the various bike paths, and please be aware of their surroundings and courteous to other riders by alerting them of any traffic in the area. There will be volunteers along the routes to assist, but helping each other will ensure a safer and more enjoyable ride.

The hope for the race is to have at least 50 riders for the riders, but Presnell is hopeful for any number of riders with it being the first year of the event. There are currently 35 riders signed up for the event.

“Jim Cadwell of the city said they had maybe 20 runners for the first 5Ks they hosted,” she said. “Now it had grown into hundreds. We are hoping that once the word is now in the community that we will have more bikers. Out of the 35 riders we have signed up already, many of them are from out of town, so we are promoting the Veterans Wall because the 20 mile ride goes out to the Wall and back. We can show those from out of town the community.”

However many riders, the event will host this weekend, Presnell is excited to get started.

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