The Perry County School District board spent much of their time last week talking about the next phase of construction on the school’s campus in Perryville.  

Jeff Keim of Incite Design Studio spoke about the district’s next phase of the facilities plan, which includes renovations for the elementary, the middle school and a FEMA shelter.

The phase includes new finishes in the elementary gym, what used to be the second grade pod will be renovated along with an administration area. A secure vestibule will be construction, similar to the Primary Center, where anyone entering the building will have to pass through an administration area before entering the actual school building. There will also be some electrical work that will hope to start by the end of May and be finished before school resumes on August 26.

For the middle school, the renovations include band storage space, as well as improved office space for the P.E teachers, along with an improved concession stand. Most of the improvements will be finished as part of the next phase, with a shell-like composite for now.

“It might look ugly for now,” Keim said. “So people might think ‘what are they doing over at the school.’ But once everything is finished it will look beautiful. This is a rough framework for the next phase.”

There are multiple bids for all projects, which are due back by Nov. 5 with board consideration during the Nov. 13 meeting. 

Perryville superintendent Andy Comstock continued with that theme as he spoke about grants he is seeking for the elementary school playgrounds. With the younger kids moving to the Primary Center, Comstock sees time for a change.

“The size of the kids is different so I think we need to look at the playground equipment for the elementary,” Comstock said. “It may be a summer project, or it may be done a little sooner. But it is something that we will look into.”

Comstock also mentioned some of the problems with the Old Senior High. Comstock mentioned that water is getting behind the mortar causing cracks in the brick. 

The building has already had some tuck-pointing done to a side of the building, but Comstock noted that the same process may have to be done to the entire building. Windows are also in need of replacement.

“We are going to have to come up with a plan about what we are going to do about that,” Comstock said. 

As the board got away from talk about renovations and construction, they recognized one of their own. Board President Jamie Robinson was recognized for earning the Master Certified Board Member certification. To achieve this recognition, Robinson earned 12 additional credits, to go along with the Essential and Advanced certification. He attended two MSBA core meetings and wrote a brief reflection paper.

“Board members have a ton of dedication to our school district and don’t always get a thank you,” Assistant Superintendent Jeanie White said. “We always love to recognize those that go above and beyond.”

The board also approved a bid from Compass Trading Company to supply paper to the district for $24.72 per case. The board approved rising the adult lunch price 10 cents to $3.65.  That price will be effective immediately. 

Finally the board listened to a set of presentations about programs throughout the district. 

White spoke about the Summer School program that saw a high attendance. White also spoke about the program as a way for students to take a required course, so that it frees them up to take course during the regular year. One course was a summer school P.E. class.

“It didn’t really thrive this year,” White said. “But we hope that as people learn more about it, it will take off.”

Food Service Director Debbie Baer spoke about the Food Service Program that introduced a Super Snack program that allows students in extra curricular activities to have a snack to hold them over during their certain practices and classes. Baer also mentioned new food items including cheese stick stuffers, and General Taos’s chicken. The menu items are well received. 

Dr. Linda Buerck, Director of Instruction, reported on the Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Program Evaluation. The start of the Science, Technology, Engi- neering & Math (STEM) classes this year seems to be going over well. All of the STEM teachers have been very excited to get students involved in their programs. She also reported on some of the other programs the district is working on. The assessments from the past school year have not been released as of yet, but buildings will be reviewing the results as soon as they are released. 

The next meeting will be Nov. 13.


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