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In what has almost become a regular occurence, the Perryville Board of Aldermen on Tuesday spent a good deal of its time discussing planned sidewalk projects.

This time around, the discussion centered on a stretch of sidewalk near the Perry County School District campus on Schindler Road.

“Years ago, we talked with the school district when we put in the sidewalk along Schindler and crossed at the top of the hill,” said city administrator Brent Buerck. “We went up a ramp, but when the school district did their construction, they put steps at the top of the ramp.”

Buerck said that Perryville resident Richard Smalley, who also addressed the board at the beginning on a different matter, previously suggested that the steps prvented the sidewalk from being handicapped accessible.

Smalley, who uses a motorized wheelchair to get around, is a frequent sight at board meetings, where he often advocates for better accessibility in the city.

“We looked at it and the two ideas we had were to remove the little dip and put in standup curb to discourage disabled people from taking that path or to bring the sidewalk down along the school,” Buerck said. “That extra sidewalk would be nice  to get people from parking lot to parking lot to building.  

“We talked to the school district and they’re okay. With the board’s permission, we’d like that to be our next project.”

Alderman Larry Riney pointed out that the current sidewalk situation was planned to avoid crossing exits and entrances to school parking lots.

“We were trying to have foresight with the previous superintendent on what that was going to look like,” Buerck said. “Now that the school parking lot is built out and it’s all designed, their plans changed a little bit so our plans have changed too.”

In other business, the board approved a number of housekeeping items related to bids for various projects and services, including the repair and painting of a 550,000-gallon standpipe project and the replacement of a 36-inch sanitary sewer main to the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

In addition, the board accepted a bid to install a new playground surface at the city’s soccer park.

 The board also approved requests from the downtownrevitalization committee regarding the Farm-to­Table Community Dinner on Sept. 14, Bikers on the Square on Sept. 21, a Fall Festival Craft Fairon Oct. 19, and Christmas on the Square on Nov. 30, in addition to a request from the Chamber of Commerce regarding their Moonlight Madness on Oct. 24.

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