TG Missouri continued its efforts to be a good corporate citizen Tuesday by making a series of donations to area schools, county law enforcement and the local library duing a special luncheon at the Perryville manufacturing plant.

The donations to the seven local organizations totaled $13,000.

“Helping these organizations, in many cases to supply the ever­changing advancements in technology, is a perfect example of why corporate social responsibility is so important,” said TG Missouri president Dean Link. “It is a win for the people of the community who benefit from these improvements and it is a win to TG Missouri where these groups supply our business needs and the needs of our team members.”

Donations were presented by President, Dean Link, and General Manager of Corporate Administration, Rhonda Ruark to Velda Haertling with Immanuel Lutheran school; Deacon Rob Huff with St. Vincent High School; John Morgan representing Saxony Lutheran High School; Direk Hunt with the Perryville Police Department; William Jones with the Perryville Fire Department; Gary Schaaf with Perry County Sheriff Department; and Melissa Haymaker and Stacy Tucker both representing Riverside Regional Library.

In addition, a robot was given to the Perryville Area Career and Technology Center earlier this year to help support growth in technology education. 

Mayor, Ken Baer, who was also in attendance, thanked TG for its continued generosity and commitment to the community.

“We are so thankful to have you in Perryville,” Baer said.

Link also stressed TG Missouri’s focus on continuous improvement and spoke about how it extends beyond the company’s products and processes to the communities where they do business. 

Through a combination of financial contributions and volunteer efforts, TG Missouri actively supports programs that result in sustainable civic, cultural and environmental improvement — all vital components of a thriving community. 


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