The United States of America has always stood as a safe haven from religious persecution. As Americans, we value the freedom to practice religion without punishment, and we stand in support of religious people around the globe. Perhaps no people throughout history have been persecuted more t…

Missouri has lost one of the most successful and charismatic House speakers I’ve covered in nearly 50 years.

 The tragic fire at Notre Dame has reminded me of conversations with a couple of my colleagues over the years about the difference in covering a fire versus covering a flame.

 Each year I have the distinct privilege of nominating bright students in southern Missouri to attend our nation’s prestigious service academies. 

 As the weather warms up, the sun shines later in the day, and the showy spring flowers start opening up, it’s only natural that thoughts turn to things like taking time off to enjoy nature, go on a trip or — like many people — start planning a summer vacation.

As the Kansas City Star noted just before the legislature went on its spring break, it’s been a rough beginning for Missouri’s Republican governor.

 In the deadliest battles of war, American troops have rushed toward danger and risked their lives to fight for our country and protect their fellow service men and women. 

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