Missouri voters made a statement in Tuesday’s Missouri Primary Election, striking down a proposed law that would have had a major impact on workers, while locally, where there were only two contested races on the ballot, one was decided in the primary and another set up a November face-off.

Perry County Clerk Jared Kutz was very pleased with last week’s general municipal election, calling it smooth and efficient.

The number one responsibility of your government is to keep you and your loved ones safe. Energy security – knowing we can put gas in our cars and heat our homes – is a major part of that safety and security.  

Missouri’s public schools would be fully funded for the first time under the budget proposal unveiled by the House Budget Committee Chairman Wednesday morning. The proposed spending plan would also restore a proposed cut to in-home care and nursing home services for senior and disabled Missourians.

 Pop culture has not only taken over America’s entertainment world, it is now running the nation’s broader sociopolitical sphere. Actors and musicians are considered heroes instead of people in uniform who protect the nation and our communities. 

Our state is finally set to take applications beginning January 31 for the newly-created assistant physician position. I am very familiar with the physician’s assistant license, our oldest son Nick, lives in Tacoma, Washington and works at Tacoma General Hospital as a physician’s assistant.  

U.S. Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri released the following statement welcoming the Delta Regional Authority’s announcement that it has awarded $6.7 million in grant funding to critical infrastructure projects in Southeast Missouri.

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