Conference Player of the Year

Perryville sophomore Leah Buerck (1) was named the JCAA conference player of the year.

The local soccer players were represented well in the area. Three players and one coach were named to the KTJJ girls soccer dream team on June 4.

Perryville coach Jerry Fulton was named co-coach of the year, along with Windsor’s Mike Hutchison, while Perryville senior Kirstin Jannin and sophomore Leah Buerck was also named to the team. St. Vincent had representation as well with Kalli Seabaugh making the roster.

Fulton led Perryville to a 19-5 season before falling to eventual state champion Notre Dame in the Class 2, district 1 championship game.

“I feel very honored,” Fulton told KTJJ, “There was no doubt that this team had the capability to do some great things this year. Unfortunately we fell in the same district as Notre Dame. It takes some of the sting out of the loss in the district title game with them winning state. But we had a good season.”

Buerck was named the Dream Team player of the year scoring 39 goals and 25 assists with first team all-conference, all-district, and all-region selections. The sophomore broke a school record in goals and total points.

Jannin patrolled the midfield while scoring 18 goals and dishing out 8 assists this season. Along with Buerck, Jannin was also, first team, All-conference, all-district, and all region selections.

Seabaugh scored 12 goals and had 7 assists this season, including two game winning goals and a pair of game-winning assists this season.

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