PHS camp

Third-year Perryville football coach Blane Boss is not a fan of the early days of football camp. The Pirates were just in helmets on Tuesday morning, their second day of what will be a two-week event. 

That’s not the way that Boss envisions football. 

“I don’t fell that the intensity is there in the first couple days because we can’t do much when we aren’t in full pads,” Boss said. “We should be in pads later this week and next week as well, that’s when the real excitement starts.”

That level of excitement will come if the Pirates ever get their offense on the track that Boss hoped it would be when he first was introduced as Perryville’s football coach, because last season it didn’t quite reach its full potential.

The Pirates averaged just 16.5 points per game last season, but Boss hopes that his team can produce more this fall in his patented option offense.

“I’ve seen this offense work,” Boss said. “It’s just a matter of execution. The option has to have one of two things, you either have to have that one special player that is just head and shoulders above everybody else, or you have to have a bunch of guys that work their tails off in practice and can execute it to the best of their ability. I think we have a combination of that this season. It would be nice if we could score 40 points per game this season, but I’ll take any type of improvement.”

But Boss always knows that he will have to throw the ball on a more consistent rate as well to keep the defenses honest. The Pirates threw the ball an average of eight times per game  last season, and Boss wants to raise that number or at least be more consistent when they do.

“Throwing the football is one of the toughest things to do on the high school level when it comes to an offense,” Boss said. “But we want to do is be able to throw the ball when we want to and not let it be dictated by the defense because we are in a third and long situation. But we do hope to be able to throw more this year.”

But that isn’t Boss’ bread and butter as much as the option offense is, so he has introduced a few tweaks to his offense that he wasn’t really willing to share this early in the preseason.

“There some things that I need to do, and some things that the players can do to help us be successful on the offensive side this season,” Boss said. “It starts with practice and executing there and opens it translates into the regular season.”

To keep competition high, Boss has three quarterbacks in camp that he could see starting at any time this season in Drew Hotop, Evan Daugherty, and Dawson Camden. Camden saw some time late last season at the position because of an injury to Hotop.

“That keeps things competitive in practice and it also allows someone other than the starter to be familiar with the position in case someone does get hurt,” Boss said. “However, I do see each one of them getting on the field in the case that they are not the quarterback.”

As inconsistent as the Pirates’ offense was last season, the defense was certainly a strength. Boss noted they installed a few sub-packages earlier this summer, but noted that not much will change scheme-wise on that side of the ball.

“When it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” he said. “But we still want to be aggressive on that side of the ball because I think it’s the strongest area of our team right now.”

Hopefully the offense catches up.

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