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Frank Robinson accepted the Republic-Monitor’s Business of the Year award during Thursday night’s Chamber of Commerce Dinner. Pictured left to right are Robinson Construction staff members Kelly Garza, Paul F. Findlay, Kevin Schade, Paul Findlay, owner Frank Robinson, Republic-Monitor Publisher Beth Durreman, Myra Bax, Eugene Besand, Jeff Sutterer, Dave Monier.


During Thursday evening’s Chamber of Commerce Dinner the Republic-Monitor’s Publisher Beth Durreman honored the company of Robinson Construction with the Business of the Year award. Her speech is as follows.

“In preparing for this presentation I had the opportunity to visit with the CEO of this business and not only did I glean a substantial amount of information about the company. I also walked away a better person for the insight this fine gentlemen shared with me about his perspective of leadership and community.  

This business was started in 1946 as a Plumbing, Heating & Air company out of the family home on Hwy 61 here in Perry County. 

When the CEO of this company was only 12 years old he started drawing his first paycheck from this company. 

Since 1946 this company has seen a vast amount of change over the years, including several locations: the basement of the current Mary Jane Burger’s and Brew, the current location of the Perry County Sportsman Club, the current location of City Hall and on the weekend of Y2K moved into their current location.

Robinson Construction Company, the Republic-Monitor Business of the Year recipient has not just seen new locations but the company has accrued a tremendous amount of growth since 1946. 

During my visit with Frank Robinson, I learned that his father Edward G. Robinson founder of the original business worked at the company until he was 96 years old. 

He set the standard for the quality and dedication of the individuals who make up Robinson Construction Company. 

Robinson Construction Company has a core employee base of 300, plus employees all across the country working at individual work sites; as well as a host of sub-contractors and suppliers that they work with across the United States.

Many of the employees are local people who are invested in this community. Frank Robinson shared some of the company’s philosophy on company and community.

Frank noted, “Young people value a company that gives back to the community.” This statement is backed by the actions of the staff of Robinson Construction Company.  In 2016 over 100 activities were attended, sponsored, originated or supported through volunteerism or financial support. A few examples are the new backpack cubbies that were built for the Boys & Girls club of Hopkinsville-Christine County. Over $1,700 was raised for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital from employees who refrained from haircuts & shaving. 

Most recently over 600 foster children from Perry, Cape and Bollinger counties had a brighter Christmas due to the generosity and unselfishness of the employees.

Robinson Construction Company is involved in so many facets of our community few examples are: American Red Cross, Boy and Girl Scouts of America, Perry County Health System, Children’s Health Care Fund, Perryville Area Career & Technology Center, bringing in Ranken Technical College, Perry County Community Foundation, Perry County EDA and I would never forget to mention the Perryville Chamber of Commerce.

Frank Robinson ended our visit with this comment. 

“Our company built a successful business plan and acquired a customer base in a very competitive market. We work hard as a team and are extremely optimistic in looking at our best year ever in 2017.” 

Their company website also has a quote that I would like to share with you, “Through meeting the needs of our employees and our customers, we achieve our company goals.” 

I would like to add, that through meeting the needs of Perry County businesses and citizens, Robinson Construction has helped us to achieve the goal of a community we can be proud to live and work in.

I present this years Business of the Year recipient Robinson Construction Company, Frank Robinson.”

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It is really very prestigious to win such an award in your community! I imagine that if my self storage company won even a nomination, a lot more people would come to know of the services we provide here in the town!


Awards in any form are great to serve as a form of recognition for the business owners. They can help to motivate the business owners to soar to even greater heights in terms of bringing their business storage venture much further forward. It is not about getting the award per se but it is to prove to other participants that they are capable and deserving of the award. It also helps to boost their morale which is also an important aspect of running a successful business.

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