Perry County collector's office

Perry County Collector staff including (from left) deputies Karen Ochs, Dena Preston and collector Rodney Ricahrdet are hard at work processing the first round of tax collections that have arrived.

Collector drop box

Perry County taxpayers unable to drop off their tax payment during regular business hours have the convenience of using an overnight drop box located near the rear entrance of the Perry County Administration Building at 321 N Main St. in Perryville.

Perry County taxpayers will notice their annual tax bills will have a different appearance this year after a software upgrade at the Perry County Collector’s Office.

“Aside from the standard billing amounts and tax category breakdowns, the new statement design provides more information for taxpayers to look at,” said collector Rodney Richardet. “We will also include an extra copy of the statement taxpayers can keep for their household records.”

Unlike previous tax bills, the new annual tax statements will provide taxpayers with an itemized list of assessed personal property, as well as the individual cost of tax liability for each piece of personal property.

Richardet said the need to change the billing format came when the county contracted with a new software provider.


“We had been using our former software provider for more than 32 years,” Richardet said. “Once they announced they would be going into retirem

ent mode and phasing out their services over the next couple of years, we had to make a change.”

Richardet said he foresees the new software system will be a benefit to his office as well as taxpayers.

“The company we were with always updated and made changes when action was needed as state statutes changed over the years, but now we will be on a completely different system,” Richardet said. “Our goal is to provide Perry County tax payers the highest level of service, and we look forward to working with everyone to ensure that is the case.”

Tax bills are already in the mail, and should arrive at households by the second week of November. Richardet noted that the failure of a taxpayer to receive the notice does not relieve them from any liability.

Any taxpayer who does not receive a tax statement is advised to notify the Perry County Collector’s Office in a timely fashion.

The collector's office is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday, and is located in the Perry County Administration Building at 321 N Main St., Suite 4 in Perryville. The phone number is 573-547-4422.

In addition, residents of the City of Altenburg should note that their 2019 city taxes are now included with their county tax bill for 2019. This is also true for the City of Perryville and City of Frohna, who made the transition to consolidate their city and county tax collection in 2016. The City of Longtown followed suit in 2017.

The Perry County Administration Building will be closed on Nov. 11 for Veterans Day, Nov. 28-29 for Thanksgiving, Dec. 24-25 for Christmas, and on Wednesday, Jan. 1 for New Year's.

For after-hour convenience, a payment drop-box is located near the rear entrance of the Perry County Administration Building. Taxpayers can drop off their payments 24 hours a day. The Perry County Collector’s Office also has a drive-thru located on the north side of the building.

Richardet advised tax payments must be received or postmarked by Dec. 31, 2019. Payments received or postmarked after that date will have penalty and interest fees added to them.

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