In today’s day and age, the number one issue is child safety in schools.

Perry County School District is on the forefront of preventing issues of that nature within its school with the introduction of the Raptor Visitor Management System this year.

The new system is used in each school building makes sure visitors follow the district procedures when visiting the campus beyond just school offices or checking out a student.

In the case of the Primary Center for example, a parent or other visitor can only enter into the annex of the Primary Center and uses a side door that opens into the office. 

Visitors are then required to have their ID scanned into the Raptor System Database and is checked against a national sex offender database. They are then printed out a sticker that denotes what time they checked in and where they are going. 

They are not able to get into the school hallways until a secetary scans a card unlocking a second door. 

If a person does not have any identification on them can only be granted access with the principal’s approval, only after manually running the vistors name and date of birth through the system. 

Visitors who do not have any identification will only be allowed in the lobby. Those working in the building as service technicians or other forms of help will be accompanied by a school employee at all times.

Primary Center Assistant Principal Lacey Amschler noted that the system was needed and has worked great in the couple weeks of schools so far.

“Parents have really been supportive of the new system and understand why it’s in place,” she said.

 “For the most part if a parent is checking out a student, the student is brought to them to lessen the amount of people in the hallways. We have not no problems with the system so far. “

The system is an upgrade from the previous check-in system that only permitted parents and visitors to sign a sign-in sheet and given a visitors sticker.

“The Raptor System is a much better way to keep our children safe than the system we used to have because We know who is in the building at all times and why they are there. This is a much more consistent and secure way to do it,” District Communication Director Kate Martin said.” 

As of late July, there have been a total of 22 school shootings this year. With the help of the Raptor system, Amschler and Martin hope that this cuts down on those types of violence in the future.

“Anything that we can do to make the children feel as safe as possible, makes us as teachers and administrators feel better too,” Martin said. 

“The children are the number one priority, especially when it comes to their safety.”

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